Dollar General vs Dollar Tree: Which is better?

Competition is common in every market. There is no exemption for this in the merchandise world. and Dollar Tree are two different stores in the United States that compete in terms of quality, pricing, and other factors.

In this article, let’s learn which is better and has the upper hand over the other. Both the stores are good at offering the best deals and discounts. These two are major players in the market and look the same.

Dollar stores have gained massive popularity for offering cost-effective products. Many Americans love to shop at one of these Dollar stores. The first reason is due to low pricing. In 2021, the total number of stores opened in the US belonged to dollar stores.

Product Quality

Product quality is the major difference between Dollar Tree and Dollar General, i.e., Dollar Tree sells items for $1.25, but the quality could be better. Few products won’t even last for some days. The cost of Dollar General is a bit high, but you can expect the quality to be top-notch. 


Undoubtedly, both stores offer the products at a cost-effective price. However, if you are looking for products at a low cost, you can go for Dollar Tree, which will sell the products from $3 to $10, whereas Dollar Tree will sell the products at $1.25. You can get more products at a low price if you have set a budget. 

A few years back, everything you bought at Dollar Tree was for $1. However, since 2021, they have raised the prices to $1.25 due to inflation. 

However, you get great deals at There are over 2000 items that are available for $1. There is an app with Dollar General that you can use to order and get big discounts and savings every week.

Product Variety

If you are looking for different products, then look at Dollar General. It has many products ranging from groceries to cleaning supplies, beauty products, and clothing. These are procured from top brands globally. 

On the other hand, as Dollar Tree sells the products at a low price, i.e., for $1.25, the products are also limited. However, it has started to expand its products and sizes to meet customer needs. 

Locations and Layout has over 19,000 locations, whereas Dollar Tree has only 8000 stores operating in the US. The layout of Dollar General is 7,400 square feet, whereas Dollar Tree is 8,000 to 12,000 square feet. It is comfortable for you to shop in both these stores and find the product you want. 

Undeniably, Dollar General outperforms in this area, offering a better shopping experience to its customers at its stores. 

Which One is Better?

Undeniably, Dollar Tree offers the products for $1.25. Though the product is cheap, the quality could be better. On the other hand, Dollar General has many branded and non-branded products. Both these stores offer high value for money and convenience. 

So, which one wins has no answer to it. This completely depends on what you are buying. If you are on a tight budget, go for Dollar Tree; if you can afford and want quality, go for Dollar General. 

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